Changing our city from the inside out!!! 

420 Fire is all about Power Evangelism! Their ministers are activators of the Body of Christ in New Testament Christianity. Their mission is TRUE UNITY in the Body of Christ through the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit. 
Above is a video of Scott Nary sharing the vision and demonstration of power evangelism of 420 Fire Ministry

Join us every other Saturday of the month at 10 am for 420fire Hub meetings with Pastor Devin O'Neal  of VOM!

The locations will vary, because the idea is to embrace each other as family....visiting one another's house (church).  The churches who decide to get involved will decide on THE church location of the month.  It could be you church (house), if you decide to get involved.

To be involved contact:

Devin O'Neal

225-937-1234 or 

Rachel Wilson


420 Fire Hub Baton Rouge

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