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Crime costs Americans $450 billion annually [1] . Despite two decades of “get tough” policies — with longer, often mandatory prison sentences — the rate of crime in America is high compared to other developed nations [2] . Of gravest concern, juvenile violent crime has spiraled during the past decade — especially urban gang and school violence using guns [3] . According to the Centers for Disease Control, American youths are 12 times more likely to die by gunfire than their peers in other nations. An FBI crime report concluded that “every American has a realistic chance of being murdered because of the random nature [that] crime has assumed.” These children need some one to step into the father's role. Raise a child up in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart .


From an early age, children living in the inner cities are exposed frequently to the use of drugs, guns, arson, and random violence. They witness injury, suffering, and death, and they respond to these events with fear, grief and even violence, often experiencing dramatic repercussions in their development.

March 5, 2009 channel 9 reported that more than 1,500 students in East Baton Rouge Parish schools are considered homeless , and the number is going up. That means they could be living on the street, in a motel or maybe the place they're staying doesn't have electricity or water. Many of the females will resort to prostitution if they are not reached The root of this problem is spiritual and with God's anointing, love and word it will be broken !!!


For 2009, the national chance for success rating for Louisiana was 47 th out of 50 states.  The National Chance for Success rating is a rating system that determines a child's chance of actually completing High School.  Louisiana also has the highest drop out rate in the nation.


Baton Rouge Today.com states: Louisiana was the second -most dangerous state in the nation in 2006, according to a CQ Press crime rankings report issued March 4 th , 2009.National Crime statistics: Louisiana is 3 rd in violent crime, 2 nd in Murder, 3 rd in Aggravated Assault, and 3 rd in Burglary.

Louisiana 's incarceration rate is #1 in the nation. One out of every 55 Louisiana residents is behind bars, a higher incarceration rate than any other state, according to research released March 3 rd , 2009 by a Washington, D.C., nonprofit group.


Overall, there are about 16,000 people living with HIV or AIDS in Louisiana.   But perhaps the most jarring stat of all is that, among the largest metro areas in the country in 2006, two cities in Louisiana made the top 10 in AIDS case rates. Baton Rouge ranked 4th and New Orleans was 8th.


 The Dream Center

What is a dream center?  WIKIPEDIA says,

The Dream Center began as a home missions project of the Southern California District of the Assemblies of God . The church was launched by Matthew Barnett, with the help of his father, Pastor Tommy Barnett as the Los Angeles International Church with attendance averaging 48 people on a Sunday morning. Attendance has grown since then, with reports that 35,000 people have attended at some point.

Located in the heart of the inner city of Los Angeles in the former Queen of Angels Hospital, the facility consists of almost 400,000 ft² (37,000 m²) in buildings on 8.8 acres (36,000 m²) of prime commercial real estate. The church ministers to gang members, drug addicts, unwed mothers, children without parents, halfway house for released prisoners, feeding the homeless and needy, motorcycle groups, taggers, AIDS victims, and various subculture, ethnic, and nationality groups. It is said that miracles take place there daily at the “Dream Center”, so called because people are given an opportunity to Dream Again. The church epitomizes the quote by Pastor Tommy Barnett “Find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it.”

Pastor Matthew Barnett , son of Tommy Barnett , manages the Dream Center and Pastors Angelus Temple .

“In the first four years of the Dream Center's establishment, prostitution and gang violence dropped 73%, the homicide rate dropped 28% and rape dropped 53%. The mayor and city council have publicly acknowledged the dramatic impact of the Dream Center and praise its efforts. In 2000 President Bush (then, the governor of Texas) visited the Dream Center and deemed it as “a model for faith-based organizations.”

The Dream Center of Zion

VISION: To restore a once lost and hopeless community, to a healthy God centered family environment. A place where the word of God is taught and put into practice in everyday life, where you can attend 24 hour prayer and praise.

MISSION: To bring forth the transformation of Zion City.  This will be done through a holistic message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  A message preached through action and truth.  Our dream is to see the eradication of crime, poverty, illiteracy, drug addiction, homelessness, and prostitution.  We realize this will only happen through the life changing power of Jesus Christ.  Because of this, everything will be done for the purpose of introducing people to Jesus Christ.

The second purpose is to disciple each person through the word of God, which has all the answers for life's problems.  To further meet the needs of our inner-city, we believe it is time to move to the front lines of the battle.  Though we have met many needs of the Zion City Community, we believe that there is more that needs to be done.  Therefore we are in the process of putting together a facility to expand the services that are offered to the local citizens and the surrounding areas.  The Dream Center will be the center of operations with a 7 day a week facility. The dream center will be a volunteer-driven organization, which will target moral decay, broken families, at-risk youth, poverty, Illiteracy, Substance Abuse, homelessness and hopelessness. The foundation of all we do will be the revelation that Jesus is Christ (the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world and in Him we have power to change our communities and ourselves.) prayer and to teach love (to be selfless instead of selfish). These needs will be met through a myriad of physical, mental and spiritual solutions.  These solutions should and will change with the transformation of Zion City.



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VOM is currently partnered with:

Life Tabernacle Church of Baton Rouge (ltcbr.com)

River Ministries International (riverup.org)

Higher Destiny Biker Church (bikerchurch.us)

Dream Center of Baton Rouge (VOM)

Fellowship of the Unashamed (fotuchurch.com)

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