Changing our city from the inside out!!! 

Pastor Tony and Heather Corsentino, Board Members


Pastor Michael Leblanc, Vice President VOM

Pastor Devin and Georgia O'Neal, President VOM

Pastor Lester and Lynda May, Board Members

Pastor Butch and Susan LeBauve, Board Members

Character References


" I  have personally known Pastor Devin Oneal as a friend and co-minister for 15 years and in that time I’ve known him to be a man of wisdom, integrity and someone with a steadfast perseverance to the call and vision that God has anointed him for. He Is a man of hospitality who’s home and heart has always been open to those in need.  He has done a great work in the inter city, building relationships within the community and sharing the love of Jesus. I am proud to call Pastor Devin Oneal my friend" - Pastor John Mayers


"Well what can I say about Devin O’Neal? I have known him for about 2 years now and when we met, we immediately became friends. If I could describe Pastor Devin in one word, it would be “Meek”. Of course, there is so much more that describes him. He is a father to all those who he has helped. He is serious about helping his community, and the people in it. He has integrity. If he says it, put it in the bag that it will be done. He has a heart to seek the heart of Jesus and truly loves his neighbor as himself. He has hard work ethic which he also teaches to all those around him while also teaching them  how to survive this life by getting on their knees to seek heaven." - Kenneth Ashley 

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