In March of 2022, We began the “Trail of Joy” Tour in Salem, Oregon with a tent revival in Volcanoes Stadium.  We were connected with a Cherokee Native carrying a the original circuit rider to the West, Jason Lee’s, Bible.  This circuit rider was tasked to being the first to bring the Native Americans in the west the word of GOD.  During that process we found out there was also an Oregon Trail of Tears and this is part of why the Lord wanted us to start here.  Our last tent revival was in Kansas City, MO. which completed a reversal of the Oregon Trail and put us right where Jason Lee had left from many years before.  

We believe that Voices of Mercy Outreach Ministries, Inc. has now become a ministry similar to a MODERN DAY CIRCUIT RIDER.  


“Changing Our Cities from the Inside Out!”



In 2013, 9 years into the Revelation House for Women, the Revelation House for Men began.  This happened as a result of a man that was working with Pastor O’Neal doing flooring installation.  He was dealing with an alcohol addiction and needed to get out of the environment he was in. Pastor Devin’s wife stated we need a home for men, but Pastor Devin answered, “I don’t have anymore time, I don’t have anymore money if God wants me to do that He will have to make it clear to me!”  It was less than 30 minutes later that a man walked up to Pastor Devin and offered him a vacant house for a dollar a year.  So began the men’s house that housed up to 12 men at any given time in 2013 and continued until 2021. 

One of the major driving forces behind the Voices of Mercy Outreach Ministries, Inc. has been bringing the churches together to see real change in our communities.   The Lord spoke to Pastor Devin when they first started doing Sidewalk Saturday School in the inner-city.  He told him that “To be effective in the inner-city you would have to Unify the Church and Unifying the Church would be harder than going into the inner-city.   It has been this mandate that they have instituted into every ministry they have been a part of, focusing on the UNITY OF THE BODY OF CHRIST!  



As a result, Voices of Mercy Outreach Ministries, Inc. started a project known as the “One Blood” Revival in 2019 in Baton Rouge, LA.  The purpose of this Revival was the Unity of the Churches and Unity of the Races for the Healing of the Nation.

Since that time, VOM has done 3 “One Blood” Revivals (Louisiana, Minnesota, and North Carolina). It was in this last “One Blood” Revival that the “Trail of Joy Tour” was birthed.  There were several people that came to that event carrying a word from the Lord that said, He was going to turn the “Trail of Tears” into the “Trail of JOY”.  It was at this time we began to move into position to make that vision a reality.  

Revelation House for Men

After coming out of a life of addiction, Pastor Devin O’Neal became an Outreach Pastor at a local church.  While driving through an inner-city area called Zion City, he saw a group of young kids fighting over a shopping cart from a local store.  He heard the words “That’s all they teach here, I want you to teach LOVE”.
This began the journey of reaching into that community for 15 years orchestrating large outreaches, revivals, camps for kids, as well as Sidewalk Saturday School on a weekly basis. 
This Sidewalk Saturday School outreach consisted of going into that community by doing a large outdoor children’s church with games, prizes, food, and bible lessons being taught on a weekly basis.  The first Sidewalk Saturday School was done in March of 2005 and continued until April of 2018.




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Our Beginning:

In 2004, Pastor Devin’s wife, met a woman sitting in the back of the church that seemed to be struggling.  After talking with the woman she learned that she was living in a very bad place, she was addicted to several illicit drugs and was extremely hopeless.  After church was over, Ms. O’Neal got her some food and took her home.  She began to build a friendship with her and started trying to find a place that would take her so she could get off the drugs she was on.  The problem was there were not a lot of places for women in their area.  It was at this time, the O’Neal’s decided to take her into their home and help her get off the drugs and start to put her life back together.  It was only a few weeks after this happened that another woman was in a desperate situation and the O’Neal’s began to realize that this was what they were called to do.   Based on the Scripture, Matthew 25:40 “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of mine, you did for me.”  This is what started the Revelation House for Women which housed up to 12 women at a time for 14 years.  It was then placed under the care of another board members church until 2021.  

Revelation House for Women