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This is for the unity of the races and the unity of the churches for the healing of the nation for this end time revival



It began in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the Delta of the Mississippi in 2019.


One Blood MN. 2020–where the rivers meet in the Twin Cities


12 hours of nonstop, continuous worship, prayer, and ministry on 11th and the 12th September 2020 from 9am-9pm both days!


The purpose for the One Blood Revival is to Disarm and Remove the legal right of the principalities of Prejudice and Antichrist: bringing racial and church unity through repentance and forgiveness to birth sustainable revival!



But, BLM has room there: they have a poster hanging on it saying BLM. 


REMEMBER how One Blood BR was held in the 400 Year Anniversary of Slavery in America? How Many Coincidences can happen until it is mathematically impossible to be a coincidence? On top of that, when informing some of the people we met in Minnesota, we found out that a Christian organization (named Merge) had the stadium reserved for the same exact days! But, they then postponed their event to 2021 because of the coronavirus. We believe all of these things are all beyond coincidence, and they are sign posts pointing to what God wants!


We also believe that, because we began moving towards these things, it started a pre-emptive move by demonic forces that have created racial tension in the Minnesota area (and now the whole United States) before the move of the Lord! The devil knows he has but a short time! The exact same thing happened in Baton Rouge before the One Blood Revival!!


The Lord had spoken to us 6 months prior to this that this spirit was trying to orchestrate a race war in America! I believe our unity is key to revival in the nation because of what Jesus prayed in John 17: that we would be one!!!! Our Partnership , our Love, and Unity is the biggest threat to Satan!! That is why he is always trying to divide us!!!


I (for one) LOVE every one of my red, yellow, black, and white brothers and sisters!!! I ask all who want to crush this prejudice devil (that tries to divide us) to join us in the fight!! Your participation is invaluable!!! Please consider becoming involved. Only together will we see the victory!!! John 17:22-23 says, “I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one: I in them and you in me. May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.”


This is literally about shifting the nation back in the right direction and securing the future for our loved ones and the next generation!!! God told me that to be effective to change the nation, we must unify the church! I promise you that this is one of the most critical assignments in the nation! It will also be one of the key things to overturn Roe vs Wade!


You can see the same tactic in both the abortion industry and what happened to the Native Americans! In the abortion industry, they call a baby a fetus because if you called it a baby you can’t in good conscience kill it! The US Government called the Native Americans savages to make it seem okay to kill them and take their land!!! We see that the tactic of the devil is to dehumanize another person so as to make it seem justified to take advantage of them! If we want to lift a curse off of our nation, WE MUST REPENT OF ALL PREJUDICE MINDSETS!


Whether we have been taught to take advantage of a people group or we hold unforgiveness in our hearts for being taken advantage of–both of these mindsets divide us! United we stand; Divided we fall! We can see this Biblical Wisdom in our own pledge of Allegiance when it says: "One Nation under God Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All!"  And then, inscribed at the top of the Supreme Court Justice building in Washington DC, the inscription reads, "Justice, the guardian of Liberty." And our greatest potential is when we serve one another! Therefore, we must unify the Remnant! God has instructed us to undo the wrongs that have been done in our nation!


There is one key area of Repentance that must take place with both the races and the churches: we must stop competing against each other and start serving one-another! There is only one place in the Bible where Jesus said that, “I have set an example for you, and you’ll be blessed if you do it,” and that is when He washed the feet of His disciples! We were instructed by God to serve the ministry of GTN: to assist them in their God Given Mandate to gather the tribal nations! So, in submission to that mandate, we are going to every tribe in Minnesota and the United States of America to do just that.


In obedience to the instructions of God to serve the Body of Christ, we are informing and empowering the Body of Christ with the Small Hands Shift Nations Campaign–which is the most Powerful Evangelistic tool I have ever seen! This also has the Power to stop the prejudice-antichrist indoctrination of the children of America in public education thereby Securing their future and Shifting the nation back in the right direction!



Eleven days after we did the One Blood MN Revival, President Trump issued an executive order stopping all "Critical Race Theory" in the federal government on September 22nd! If you divide 22 in half, it’s 11/11–which is the day Israel Hanna arrived in New Orleans in 1999! This 11/11/21 is the day that God has given us to start the One Blood Revival in Moravian Falls, North Carolina at the Gathering Church! The reason we decided to go to that location is because we found out that Bob Jones' favorite number was 11:11; and the scripture reference was Isaiah 11:11 "In that day the Lord will reach out His hand a second time..." We believe that this is pointing us to the revival William Seymour (of the Azusa St. Revival) prophesied: there will be a revival that would come that would be twice as strong as Azusa, and it will heal the racial divide in the United States of America! That was prophesied in 1910 111 years ago (as of 2021)!

We hope to see you on 11/11 @ One Blood NC USA to contend for the salvation of the United States of America!



We are asking your help in the monumental task in Creating a Synergetic Unity with God and Man that will birth sustainable Revival–Healing of our land! Prayerfully consider what I have said! I look forward to hearing back from you!


Contact us at 225-937-1234 or






We Believe that GTN picked up the mantle that was given to Tecumseh by God in 1811.

The following is a video of my wife and I doing our part in the city council opposing the resolution, plan of government, and city ordinance that would have made it legal for a grown man to go to the same bathroom as a little girl. It also would have allowed biological males to compete in women’s sports! We pushed this LGBT Agenda out of our city because we had disarmed the main ruling spirit through what we did in preparation for the One Blood Revival! After we went to the Triabal Nations of Louisiana, the unified church came together in one heart and with one voice of repentance–removing it’s legal right! Then, we mobilized that same unified body to drive that spirit out of our city council!


If you listen carefully, you can hear the demons manifesting in the city council by hissing and growling. 

















































































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One Blood

The Story Unfolds


This is the rest of the story:


One Blood Revival


After the One Blood Revival in Baton Rouge, God sent us to Fort Apache and Window Rock AZ, Truth or Consequences and Red River NM, Minnesota, Tennessee, back to Minnesota, and then to North Carolina in preparation for One Blood MN Revival!!! While in North Carolina, in November, God gave us the date (9/11/2020). 9/11 because it is an emergency!!!


When God gave me the date, He said, “like oranges get ripe just before winter because you need vitamin C to fight off the flu… you are fixing to enter into a winter season, and the Body of Christ is fixing to need Spiritual Vitamin C–2020 Spiritual vision–to navigate the course that is in front of them! This date was confirmed by God in the month of November while I was at the Mississippi River Revival meeting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! This was the first time I had been back to that meeting since the One Blood Revival on April 12th & 13th of 2019!


During the meeting, Pastor Buz Tremé interrupted his guest speaker and said that the Lord had told him to share a testimony about his friend Israel Hanna!! Pastor Buz said that Israel Hana was instructed by God to go down the Mississippi River from Minnesota in a boat, pray, and blow the shofar over every town and city. He said that Israel Hanna arrived in New Orleans on 11/11 at 9 AM in the morning–2 years before the Twin Towers were hit by the planes!


I asked Rabbi Buz if he could get me in touch with Israel Hanna! When I talked to Israel Hanna, he told me that he told the Lord he wouldn’t leave unless God gave him a specific time and date! He said that God told him to leave at 9 AM in the morning on 9/11. That was exactly 2 years before the Twin Towers fell! He said that, while he was on the river, God told him that the river was going to move by an earthquake!


This revival is being done for the purpose of dealing with one of the main principalities in the nation! This is one of (if not the most) significant demonic gate in the nation! Only recently have we discovered how it affected the history of our nation!


Before we did the One Blood in BR LA, racial tensions flared up; and the devil started to manifest (because he knew we were about to deal with him)! The same thing is happening right now in Minnesota and across America!! God only revealed the location two weeks ago (5/21/2020)! Maybe because He knew it would cause this principality to manifest? IDK.


When driving demons out of people, many times you will have to go back to the sin that gave the demon access or a legal right to the person; and you must get the person to repent before the demon will come out of them. Likewise, God has shown us that to deliver a nation we must return to the sins of the nation, and repent/make a decision to do what is righteous! We must Love one another: no matter the skin color… no matter the race!


The Dred Scott case was fought because the US Army paid their officers at Fort Snelling in Minnesota to have slaves in free territory (literally, in the fork of the Minnesotan and Mississippi rivers)!

The following is from the book Water Flows as One Body by T. F. Tenney. 


"Water resources have rarely, if ever, been the sole source of violent

conflict or war. Yet it has been one of the major players in many wars.

In fact, there is a long and highly informative history of conflicts and

tensions over water resources, the use of water systems as weapons

during war, and the targeting of water systems during conflicts caused

by other factors. It is amazing to think something on which all life forms depend can cause such division. We all need it, no matter our race or nation, yet somehow it seems we cannot As one man said, unite about it. We unite over “Find a river our need for it. Do you realize that approximately 70 build a bridge percent of the human body is and get over it.” made up of water? Yet, we cannot unite over the boundaries of it. Instead of bridges to each other, we build barricades over an essential ingredient to all of our existence. “Unity” seems elusive over such a pertinent need actually over many needs, both spiritual and physical. As one man said, “Find a river build, a bridge, and get over it.”

The Native American leader Tecumseh understood the power of unity. He attempted to unite all the tribes of the Indians against.the white man. He said, “If I could have unified them we could have driven the white man into the sea.” Tecumseh was made a prisoner on a reservation a hostage of his times. He said of the Indians, “We are a sadly defeated people. There was a time we could have easily defeated the white man foe. At that time, we were distracted and divided by lesser issues. The secondary battles drew us away from the primary battle. We could not unify against our common foe. Because we could not agree, we were defeated.”

Sadly, we bring this same lack of unity into Christianity as a whole and into the body of Christ. God wants us to dwell together in unity. Unity is the state of oneness, harmony, agreement. If each of us strives to become one with Him, we will find ourselves one with each other. Unity is not uniformity. We must learn to accept the differences among us without malice. Our bodies can never fulfill their great ambition if there is division.

In simple terms, cancer occurs when renegade cells start working against the unity of the body. This “disunity”—these un-unified cells—holds the power to destroy the body if left unchecked.

There is unmistakable power, anointing, and blessing that comes with unity. Psalm 133 shows us this: “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell in unity! It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; as the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the LORD commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.” This text mentions the oil of anointing went down to the skirts of Aaron’s garment. It invites the simple question: What good is an anointing if it does not reach the place where we walk? Anointing just in our head, where we articulate it, is not sufficient. It must be in our feet, where we walk and live. The skirts are the closest part to the earth. Unity must come to earth. We must get it out of the clouds!


Dew brings growth even though it comes silently and unnoticed. We cannot always depend on the rain to come, but we can depend on the dew. Growth comes out of consistency. The

anointing is wonderful. However, we must have with it the dew of consistency. The psalmist said dwelling together in unity and harmony is like the anointing oil; it gives power. It is like the dew; it gives growth. Power and growth come out of unity.

The Gospel of John records some of the last prayers of Jesus on earth. He prayed for us to be one with Him and one with each other. Jesus said, “I pray for them, I pray not for the world” (John 17:9). Jesus has never prayed for the world. If He can get us straight, we will take care of the world. His request was “that they all may be one” and “that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe” (John 17:21). Revival is going to come out of oneness, the unity of God’s people. The world will not believe until we are one.

In the ancient Orient, there is folklore of an emperor who desired to test two of his leaders. Ultimately one of them was destined to become prime minister. When a breach appeared in the road leading to the royal palace, the first leader was sent to repair it. He erected a barricade from great timbers to prevent anyone from plunging to their death. He then erected signs that read, “Turn back! Danger!”

The second leader was sent out to see if he could improve upon the work of the first. Using the same material, he constructed a bridge across the breach. He turned over the danger signs and wrote, “This way to the palace.”

So our lives will be bridges or barricades. We may use the same material, but the wisdom of construction makes the difference. The spiritual life is a bridge over which man may cross and find God. It is a bridge over which he may cross and enhance his fellowship with his fellow man and his brothers in Christ. This is the work of unity and restoration—bridging the breach. Paul said, “Ye which are spiritual, restore such an one” (Galatians 6:1). There is such a definite need among us for building bridges. We have so many barricades placed in the way that we cannot have revival and unity, we cannot reach out to those in need, and why we cannot erect that much-needed bridge. The same thought, energy, and ingenuity can pick up the pieces, and instead of saying, “Road out, danger ahead!” we can erect a sign, “This way to the city of ‘We Can Do It.

Paul said, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear” (II Timothy 1:7). One translation says, “He has not given us the spirit of frustration.” It is not God’s desire that the job He has called us to do frustrates us. He wants us to be overcomers. I John 5:5 states: “Who is he that over cometh the world, but he that believeth.” Overcoming is not some spiritual abstraction, but a personal, triumphant capability. What we need is a sanctified sense of superiority—a knowledge and acknowledgement of our abilities in God. We can overcome the pressures the world thrusts on us by believing. By believing what? That His Word is true and that unity is the way. I want to be a bridge builder.

I want to reach out to hurting people, even those with whom I might disagree on some ideas and issues. Thank God for the rights we have as Americans to disagree—free speech, freedom of religion. These liberties are not taken for granted. Yet, in the Spirit we must be one.


Once I heard a speaker pose some pertinent questions: “Where do we get the right of free speech, of assembly? Did it come from Congress, the courts? If our rights came from them, then they could take them away. Our founding fathers had to face that problem. They looked across the waters, where it was said that the majority is the custodian of minority rights. They found the answer. They set it down in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence; ‘It is self-evident that all men are created equal’—the Creator had endowed man with certain inalienable rights, among which are the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Creator has given us those rights. Therefore, they are inalienable. If we wish to keep our forest, we must keep our trees. If we wish to keep the pendulum swinging, we must make it dependent upon a clock. If we wish to keep our perfume, we must keep our flowers. If we wish to keep our rights, we must keep our God and His Word. That is why our Declaration of Independence is fundamentally a declaration of dependence on God. That is why we have rights and liberties. Our founding fathers were bridge builders.”

This same gentleman continued: “We constantly hear about our rights and liberties, but how about our duties? Why are there not leagues organized in defense of duties and responsibilities? There is no such thing as a right without a duty. Rights and duties are correlated like the two sides of a saucer. It is popular, for example, today to say, ‘Well, I have to be me. I have to develop my own identity.’ How do we know our identities? By boundaries, by limits. How do I know my responsibilities, my duties, my limits? This is how we come to a sense of our duties and responsibilities. I wonder if it would not be a good idea to put a statue on the west coast. On the east coast we have the Lady of Liberty holding out the torch of rights and liberties. Why not on the west coast a statue to duty and responsibility in which light is thrust outward to neighbors; in which the hand is open to feed the poor; in which we will acknowledge as a nation that no one has a right unless he has a duty to God and to others.”

Did you ever stop to consider what happened to those original bridge builders, the founding fathers who began with such unity? There were fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence. What became of them? Nine of them died in the Revolutionary War; five were captured by the British and died under torture; twelve had their homes ransacked and burned to the ground. Doctor Witherspoon’s home and college library were burned; Thomas Keene was compelled to move five times in five months to escape capture. He settled at last in a tog cabin on the river. Thomas Nelson, when his home was occupied by General Cornwallis, urged Washington to open fire and destroy his home. He died in poverty. Seventeen of the signers lost everything they had. The fifty-six pledged, “Our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor.” Many of them lost their lives and their fortunes. Not one of them lost his sacred honor. They were willing to reach out regardless of the cost. The future offered too much.

We need to return to the true sense of fellowship, a true sense of brotherly love, a true sense of community understanding. Could it be in this affluent society we have apostatized to little religious islands where everyone builds his own kingdom and does his own thing? Have we forgotten Paul’s admonition that by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body?

There is one great head of the church, the sovereign, the Lord Jesus Christ. He built a bridge from the halls of heaven to the horrors of earth. He condescended and communicated, not


because we were worthy, but because He loved. We must have the same burden our Founder had and that is a burden to reach out.

To think this great and Holy God would come to us. What is true holiness? Someone has said, “The aim of holiness is to ‘be holy as He is holy’ Yet some would have us be holy as they are holy. True holiness will include, yet extend beyond, the clothesline to the lifeline. It reaches beyond mere legalism and spiritual pride, and manifests love, compassion, patience, and humility.

The angry mob dragged the adulterous woman before Jesus ready to stone her to death. While they were legally correct, they had murder in their hearts. Jesus had only compassion. The believer is not only holy in the warm sanctuary and spiritual greenhouse of the church. He keeps himself holy when the cold, chilling winds blast against his soul. An individual does not become holy by staying away from the world, but he keeps himself holy in the world. The life of holiness does not isolate us; it insulates us.

Refusing the king’s meat did not make Daniel holy; he refused to eat because he was holy. Joseph did not become holy by running out of his coat held by Potiphar’s wife; because he was holy he ran out of his coat. Stephen did not become holy by being stoned; he was stoned because he was holy.

“Be ye holy, for I am holy,” saith the Lord. As holy as He is, God is still yet a bridge builder. What good would it do to build a bridge with one end sticking out over nothing? God knew He had to communicate with something, someone, somewhere. He chose us. I must be like Him building bridges and not barricades—always working toward unity.

I believe God loves with a special love that man who has a passion for the impossible. The Lord is not simply interested in nibblers of the impossible, but grabbers of the impossible through faith in Him. I think we have scriptural ground for praying for a last day outpouring of the Spirit. The prophet stated the former rain was moderate. Did not that indicate the latter rain would be greater than the former? The glory of the latter house shall be greater than the glory of the former. Unity will bring this to pass. Faith sees the way out of deep waters, God brings men into deep waters, not to drown them but to cleanse them. Revival is the only answer to the dilemma of our world. There is nothing that enhances it like a true conception of fellowship in unity.

Paul wrote, “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, for your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now” (Philippians 1:3, 5). Fellowship is one of the most valuable assets of the Christian journey. Miles or circumstances, which might separate us from one another physically, cannot deter the fellowship of the Spirit we feel with one another through Him.

Paul used the word “fellow” in a variety of combinations with respect to different Christian experiences and services. He speaks of fellow-citizens (Ephesians 2:19), fellow-heirs (Ephesians 3:6), and fellow soldiers (Philippians 2:25). He also mentions fellow prisoners, fellow servants and Titus is referred to as “my partner and fellow helper” (II Corinthians 8:23). At times the vigil is lonely, the hours are long, and the battle is torrid; but thanks be to God who giveth us the victory and unity when we work on fellowship.


Leonard Bernstein, a leader of great philharmonic orchestras was asked one time, “What is the hardest instrument to get anybody to play?” He answered, “That’s easy second fiddle.” Second fiddle is the hardest position to fill. The interviewer went on to ask, “Why is that so?” He responded, “Well, for several reasons. First, whoever plays second fiddle in a large orchestra can’t be seen they are in the back row. Second, without a second fiddle an orchestra can have no harmony. It can make noise, but it will never have harmony.”

Until someone is willing to get out of the spotlight and play second fiddle, we will not have harmony. When a church moves in true unity and fellowship, everyone cannot be the leader. There is only one conductor. Sometimes you have to fill an insignificant position and just give your best for the team. What would happen in the Christian arena if it did not matter who was recognized or lifted up? It is yet to be seen what could be accomplished if we did not care who got the credit.

If we are going to be like Him, and be in His image, we must walk in unity. We must constantly throw off the inherited nature of Satan and become more like the second Adam, It is a process. A piece of fruit is perfect and mature in each stage bud, blossom, nubbin, and fruit. It is not what it is going to be but it is perfect in its particular state.

As we all strive toward unity with Him and with each other, there is a promise found at the end of Psalm 133: “For there the LORD commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.” Not only is it “good and pleasant for brethren to dwell together in unity” it receives the blessing of God!"

The above article “Water Flows As One Body” is written by T. F. Tenney. This article was excerpted from chapter five in Tenney’s book Water from an Old Well.



This was the original poster leading up to the One Blood Revival. To the Right is the Poster including our speakers, worship, teams, and other ministers!

The Shift in Government

A Unified church is unstoppable, and God is ready to move with us! But, we must unify! This can only be done together! 


The Lord has told us that this spirit has surrendered to us in Louisiana! We are currently occupying the land through the Small Hands Shift Nations Campaign–which is causing revival in some of the houses through the Son of Peace Oikos Evangelistic Model. By this same method, we are at the same time taking the schools back for Jesus so we can teach the Word of God in schools again!


We currently have a Federal Spieres Hearing scheduled on 7/7/2020 at 777 Florida St. in Baton Rouge, LA! We received 5 undeniable signs from God on March 10th (which is Purim: the day the Jews celebrate Haman being hung on his own gallows) that we needed to file. Three days later, we filed on March Friday the 13th! That same day, Trump declared a National Emergency, and all of the schools of the nation were shut down! However it does require our stretched Faith, Courage, and Commitment! 




On 5/20/2020, God revealed the demonic gate that remained open in Minnesota that has given the main ruling spirit of the nation legal right to the land. Five days later, that spirit manifested through the George Floyd incident. However, the good news is that we will drive this ruling spirit out of our nation if we heed the call of God (just like we drove it out our city after it manifested).


We look forward to taking the nation back with you!



Prophetess Councilwoman Tara Wicker walked into this conference and informed us that the city government was trying to push through a LGBTQ/SOGI Resolution, Plan of Government, and an Ordinance into Baton Rouge, Louisiana that would have brought a curse into our capitol city and state! Because of this insight, the Body of Christ was Mobilized!

The Following are the Fruit of our Labor and Obedience to God, the One Blood Baton Rouge Campaign, and Revival

This is what happened at the end of One Blood BR:

The Surrender

One Minute before the last speakers got up to speak in the One Blood BR Revival, Will Ford got a text alert from CNN saying that–for the first time in history–the Confederate Truce flag had just been revealed! God told us that this was His sign that the principality of prejudice and antichrist in Louisiana had just surrendered to us! He then said,

"NOW! Go Occupy!"


Our next One Blood Revival will be held in North Carolina! The spirits of prejudice and antichrist at work there are responsible for the latest coronavirus! God revealed to us the governmental sin that has given this principality the legal right to the land in North Carolina! It was the Trail of Tears commenced by Andrew Jackson that broke the treaties! God has designated 11/11/21-11/13/21 as the dates for the One Blood Revival in North Carolina! It will be held from 9AM to 9PM at The Gathering Church in Moravian Falls, NC!

After One Blood BR, God gave us the tool to occupy: the Small Hands Shift Nations Campaign! This is designed to take the schools back for Jesus Christ by creating an opportunity for churches to teach the Word of God in schools again while at the same time igniting sustainable revival through the Son of Peace Oikos Evangelistic Method!

The Dred Scott case was the landmark case that pushed America into the Civil War, and it is also what got Abraham Lincoln elected! There is a spiritual war raging in America because the demonic gate that was once opened here has never been shut! But God has given us the key to shut the door and lock it!


The tricky thing is... this key is too big to turn by yourself! God had something better planned for us! Only together with you will we turn this key and see our land Healed! That key is to capitulate to one another instead of compete against one another.


On the same night in 2018, while at Azusa , God gave me a dream with the Native Americans in it; and He gave my wife the word "capitulate" over and over in the same night. Afterwards, He explained what it meant and what He wanted us to do: "Because the Native Americans' land was taken from them and they were scattered across America, if you will Gather the Tribal Nations and give them the Kingdom of  God in service/capitulation to the Christian, First Nations Ministry (GTN), you will cause the principality to lose its legal right to the land in whatever territory you do this in! 


This is the same thing needed for the churches to become one with the type of unity that reveals to the world that Jesus is real! We must capitulate with one another instead of compete against each-other!


He also told us that, if we are going to gather the nations by the power of God,  we must return to Arduous Love!



God has given us specific instructions to right the wrongs that have taken place in our nation! After we have done what the Lord has instructed us to do, the unified body will be able to kick this devil out of every territory by occupying the Land!!! God has instructed us to occupy the land through the Small Hands Shift Nations Campaign! This campaign is the most Powerful Evangelistic tool I have ever seen! It is designed to simultaneously take the school system back for Jesus Christ and make it possible to teach the next generation the Word of God again in schools!!


Most people are not aware that the children in the public school system are being indoctrinated by the spirit of prejudice and antichrist that is coming out of the United Nations! This is the United Nations in the Bible: Revelation 17:18 “The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth.” Revelation 17:5-6 “This title was written on her forehead: 'MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT THE MOTHER OF PROSTITUTES AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH’ I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus.” The fact is that every color has prejudice, and we must all repent because we need each other!!! We must come together in unity to drive this spirit out of our land!


Another one of the keys that we received from the Lord while in Azusa in 2018 was a practice that William Seymour applied at Azusa! In the Azusa Street Revival, he was known to address the crowd any time he saw all white people or all black people sitting together! He would tell them that if you are a born-again believer, to move around and mix together– because when we separate from each other we inadvertently separate from God too: because He lives in me and you!!!


He would say that if we want God’s power to move effectively, we must be ONE!!! Because of this revelation, he was able to steward the Visible glory of God for 31/2 years!


Just as significant was the US-Dakota War that was fought from Fort Snelling because of the broken promises of USA Government! This resulted in the largest mass execution in US history: 38 Native Americans!


God has shown us that both of these things have given legal right to the principality and power of prejudice and antichrist to our land! God then began to point out this stadium: Allianz Field 400 Snelling Ave. St. Paul, MN! The street name being the very name of the fort responsible for two major strongholds! And, then, the One Blood Revival was literally held in the 400 year anniversary of slavery in America!! The first slaves in America arrived in James Town in 1619. Not only that, but, 11/11 this year (2020) is the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower Compact.


Indeed, God Himself has prepared this place to preach His own message for the Healing of the Nations!

The number 400 is a perfectly prophetic number! It is 10-40 year times of testing and 8-50 year jubilees! And the number eight means new beginnings!! And Memorial Stadium–where the One Blood BR Revival was held–was literally the BEGINNING of the Civil Rights Movement in 1953! The Baton Rouge Bus Boycott was so successful that MLK later came to BR, LA to learn T.J. Jemison’s strategy that proved to be Invaluable in Martin Luther King’s success in the Civil Rights Movement!


The day that the Lord picked for the beginning of One Blood BR (April 12th) is the same day that the first rounds were fired in the Civil War! It is also the same day that they did the official stacking of arms and parade which celebrated the end of the Civil War! This too, is the same day that William Seymour (of the Azusa St. Revival) was baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1906. Allianz Field opened on April 13, 2019! It literally opened the same day One Blood BR ended in Baton Rouge!


This is where God wants to do the event, but they said that there is no room in the inn for Jesus: Allianz Field–Check out the address: 400 Snelling Ave N, St Paul, MN 55104.