5.  The Killing of Uncle Sam gives names, dates, people, and places of the new world order and the antichrist agenda throughout the history of America (click on the picture to purchase a copy via Amazon). A former decorated CIA officer (Kevin Ship) said that it is the best exposé of the "Shadow Government" ever written.

Common Core is the Communist Core

I went through in China



3.  Louisiana Ranks 49th in 12th grade academic achievement in the nation?

2.  There is a National Sex Education Mandate has opened the door for special interest groups to introduce Pornographic Child Sex Education Curriculum that teaches LGBT and Gender Identity ideology to our children K=12


1.  Common Core/Louisiana Standard Education is destroying the self-efficacy of our children, which is their confidence in their ability to organize and implement things to accomplish a task?  In essence their ability to be independant and sucessful in life. 



6. Steeling the Mind of


America Vol's I and II detail 


how the antichrist has


infiltrated the education


system designed to 


undermine our Christian


values in order to establish a


new world order (the order


of the antichrist). Please click


the images to purchase the


book through Amazon. 

"Small Hands Shift Nations Documentary: the Antichrist Indoctrination" (click the image to watch the video)

7. Here in this website on the left is an excerpt from Chapter 2 of the book Brave New Schools

4. "The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend" Documentary shows the main form of deception and manipulation by Illumanti and globalists to control the population.


1. To inform every person of the dangers coming against our children in the schools!


2. Empower everyone to use the tools already available to bring the change that is needed (on the Resources page). Renew A Nation can and will help you start a school from A-Z!.


3. Get everyone to sign the Small Hands Shift Nations Petition in which we are petitioning the government for the whole tax dollar amount to be made available to every parent of a child so we can send our children to the school of our choice so we can teach the Word of God in schools again–with no government overreach (concerning our First Amendment Rights) or income stipulations (about $11,000 [or more] per student: comes to about $1,200 a month for 9 months)! 


A child spends 16,000 hours of their life from kindergarten to 12th grade in school.


Small Hands Shift Nations Campaign will mobilize both volunteer and hired Spirit filled Believers that will pray over every piece of property that they put their foot on, pray over every door hanger, and continue to ask God what He wants to do at every door! When we are given an invitation to return and teach the Word of God, we will faithfully do just that until their entire oikos is saved!


We plan to go to every house in America by 2025.


America shall be Saved!


If you want to commit on a deeper level, my number (225) YES-1234.