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Save America Chicago Conference Schedule

Tuesday June 15th

Apostle Abraham John will be speaking on making the kingdoms of this world the kingdoms of our God!You can check out more about his ministry on his website: The Kingdom Network

Wednesday June 16th at  7PM

Apostle Anthony Wilson will be teaching on spiritual warfare!

Thursday 17th at 7PM

Apostle Scott Nary with 4:20 Fire Power Evangelism (based on 1 Corinthians 4:20 "The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power") will be ministering. He has 2, week-long School of Ministry Intensives every year for those who want to be trained in the prophetic and power evangelism! These tools will be made available at this session. Feel free to check out his Charisma Podcasts! You can connect with him at his 4:20 Fire Global Group on Facebook!

We will have others that have come out of homosexuality and transgenderism (that are now born again) to train us on how to reach the LGBT community and what the LGBT agenda entails concerning Christianity!

Friday June 18th at 7PM

The pastors of America who refused to shut their churches down under the threat of criminal charges will impart the Courage and Boldness needed to stand in the face of persecution to the rest of the Body of Christ!

Juneteenth–Saturday June 19th at 9AM-10AM

Worship with Living in the Spirit Worship Team

Juneteenth–Saturday June 19th at 10AM-11AM

Political Candidates Speak on their candidacy in the great state of Illinois!

Juneteenth–Saturday June 19th at 1PM-2PM

Messianic Worship with Nancy Santiago!

Juneteenth–Saturday June 19th at 1PM-2PM

Daniel Josué Berríos of "Detrás de Cámaras" ("DTC" Stands for "Behind the Scenes")–Occupying the 7 Mountains of Influence!

Juneteenth–Saturday June 19th at 3PM-4PM

Worship Hour!

Juneteenth–Saturday June 19th at 4PM-4:45PM

Elijah Judovsky (from Minneapolis, Minnesota) and Wes Munyon (from Los Angeles, California) will be doing a theatrical reanactment of what is happening to the public school students of America. This will be coming from firsthhand experience as Wes Munyon preaches the gospel in the public schools of California, and Elijah is a 2020 graduate who will testify to his firsthand experience of the pressures from the schools that are breeding gender confusion! Several tools will be provided at the end of this session to combat the indoctrination of our children and bring the Spirit of Christ into the public schools of America!

Juneteenth–Saturday June 19th at 4:45PM-5:30PM

Immediately after the "Elijah Skit", Bev Kilmer will be sharing on the evils of Child Sex Ed.

Juneteenth–Saturday June 19th at 5:30PM-5:45PM

Alter Call to Action

Juneteenth–Saturday June 19th at 5:45PM-6:15PM

Prepare for Impact Worship

Juneteenth–Saturday June 19th at 6:15PM-7:15PM

Apostle Wilson and Apostle O'Neal will be demonstrating the reality of the fulfillment of MLK Jr.'s Dream!

Sunday June 20th

We will have the "In God We Trust" musical! We are coming to Chicago to serve Illinois and help the body of Christ there that has stood against this antichrist agenda!!! This musical will be the very heartbeat of those who trusted in God against all odds during the pandemic! It will reveal God’s original intent for America!!! It will seamlessly show the parallel story of Queen Esther and the church in America right now! Mrs. Hidie Bauer will tell the story of God‘s original intent for America! She is a direct descendent of one of the first Pilgrims to step on American soil: Mary Chilton (a 14 year old-girl who lost both of her parents on the Mayflower)! The music/musical will be conducted by Nancy Santiago–a Hebrew songwriter!


Here are some of the other ministries that will be involved in the breakout sessions:

1.     Family Research Council with Tony Perkins is the premier watchdog for Christian conservative values and liberties! They will be bringing Community Impact Teams to the table! These teams are meant to inform and mobilize churches to affect the government by standing against antichrist legislation in the USA! They are based in Washington, D.C.!

2.     Special Forces of Liberty with
Chris Sevier he has written five pieces
of legislation that are very critical to protect and keep the religious liberties we have now!!! One of which is the Establishment Act. It is critical to pass this in order to overthrow LGBT legislation that is geared towards oppressing religious liberties and indoctrinating our kids in the public school system! They are located in Tennessee.

3.     Alliance Defending Freedom strives to teach children about their religious rights in schools and churches about their religious liberties
so they can defend both students and churches when their rights
have been violated free of charge!

4.     Rodney Howard Browne’s River School of Government prepares young people who want to go in government in affect the government for Jesus Christ from Tampa Florida!

5.     Renewanation is the premier ministry who teaches churches how to start schools! They have two donor development Boot Camp‘s per year, and they have two biblical

worldview teacher boot camps in the summer at Manderly Camp in Pikeville, TN. Their headquarters are located in Roanoke, Virginia.

6.     Alex Newman with the New American magazine provides the foremost, cutting-edge real news outlets of America! They are located in Appleton, WI.

7.     Fire Base has boot camps for training in Power Evangelism! They will be mobilizing teams on the ground to evangelize while simultaneously performing harp-and-bowl worship and intercession.

We will have each ministries' tools available for your viewing during the entirety of the conference! Hope to see you there!


of June

Chicago, IL


We will have morning meetings with breakout sessions each day at 10am until noon.Evening meetings will start at 7pm.

On Monday June 14th at 10-11AM

We start the day off with worship!


Monday June 14th at 7PM

Pastor Devin O'Neal will be presentng the Small Hands Shift Nations Campaign and our federal court case against the U.S. Department of Education (which will take back the schools for Jesus Christ), and he will be explaining how President Trump is working with us!

SAVE AMERICA Conferenceclaiming nothing for ourselves, but having everything in common!

Come receive the Truth, Training, and Tools to occupy all 7 mountains of influence for Jesus ChristTo do that, we must repent for competing against each other; and we must start capitulating to one other! This will cause us to complete each other!

"A Republic if you can keep it."~Benjamin Franklin

"The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next."~Abraham Lincoln

Starting on the 14th-20th

of June

Chicago, IL

The Purpose of the Save America Conference is to train, equip, and mobilize the body of Christ to take all 7 mountains of influence for Jesus Christ.

To do this, we must unify, organize, and mobilize the body of Christ to work in concert with one another to effectively occupy the land for Jesus!

The most immediate need for our country is unity in the Body of Christ: only then can we fight for election integrity! And, without election integrity, the people do not have a voice!

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."~Edmund Burke

900 National Parkway Schaumburg, IL 60173