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Seymour and Holy Ghost

On February 1st 2018, I was at Joe Huggins house (one of the brothers from our fellowship).  His kids were not at home, so I asked where they were. He said that a local church was picking them up on buses, and bringing them to church. The Lord immediately spoke to me what He had said to me 15 years before about what was needed to be effective in the inner city. God told me that be effective in the inner city, I would have to unify the churches; and unifying the churches would be harder than going into the inner city. And, boy, has that proven TRUE!


He spoke to me and said, "Why don't you go help him?" At that point, my curiosity began to cause me to reflect on why I left the megachurch I was in to start the ministry in the inner city.


While I was the outreach pastor in a megachurch, 80 inner city children began to come to the church within one month! I was then told to bring those kids back to the inner city, and do something with them there!


So, the question that popped into my mind was, "I wonder if Pastor Tony Spell at Life Tabernacle was persecuted when he began to bring these inner city children to the church. So, we decided to go visit on February 4th 2018.


After the service, I asked the pastor if he got persecuted when he started bringing these inner city children into his church. He said, "Boy did I! My best friends left." He said, "When we baptised the first black person 9 years ago, 40 families said that they were going to leave! And then they went and had a little secret meeting. They said that if I would change the water in the baptismal, then they would stay." However, Pastor Tony Spell said, "No!" He then put a sign up above the baptismal that said, "Do not change the water! Only treat with chemicals." The 40 families left. You see, this was a 5th generation church straight out of Azusa St. 


God tried to use the church to deal with this ancient prejudice, antichrist principality; but we were not willing! In fact, racial and church division is what quenched the Holy Spirit and caused the revival to wane: they refused to embrace Seymour's revelation that if you are a born-again Christian, you are no longer a member of any earthly race. You are a member of the Christian Race! This was made evident by the split that formed 2 major denominations: the Church of God in Christ and the Assemblies of God. It was also made evident–that that principality had remained in the church for many generations–by this experience that Reformer-Pastor Tony Spell  had in 2009! After I left the service, the Lord began to speak to me. He said, "Why don't you shut your services down and go help him?" I told the Lord: "I really don't like the way he preaches, Lord!" God yelled at me: "It's not about you!!! It's about the Harvest!!!"  


Not long after that, a good friend of mine (Pastor Tony Corsentino) called me. He said that a prophet had just told him everything about his life, his wife's birthday, and several other people's birthday in the church that he had just left. He said that his name was Scott Nary. I asked him if he was ministering anywhere else. Tony said that he would be in Covington at the Hub Northshore! So, we made plans to go...  



On  August 12th, 2016, our jobsite was shut down because of excessive water due to the rain. I pulled up to my house, and there was  6 inches of water in my front yard. On August 13th, I scrambled to get my family, all the women of the discipleship house, and the bare necessities out before it was overtaken by the flood. While driving my 3500 extended van through the water, I was pushing a wave of water that came half-way up the windshield (about 1 foot above the hood). We arrived at the men's discipleship house in Ethel about half an hour later, and we went to sleep. At about 8:30 that morning, I was awakened by my wife hollering in paniced fashion–telling me that if I don't go get her pet squirrel  that we left in 3 feet of water, she was going to go herself. And, as Paul Harvey says, "Here is the rest of the story."

17 days later-August 29, 2016-, God began to speak to me about the Flood being an answer to the prayers offered in Healing Place Church.

In this meeting, there was a man who prophesied that there was going to be a revival that started in Baton Rouge, and it would go up the Mississippi River. I said in my heart, "Yeah right! I see judgement if the church doesn't repent!"About a week after the prayer, a storm developed over Louisiana assuming a cyclonic motion over much of the state. 22 days later God spoke this word to me, and He told me to post it on FaceBook. My grandson was born on the same day in Kansas (August 11th, 2016). In 2020, God revealed to us that he was a sign of the greatest harvest of souls the earth has ever seen! 

After that happened, all of the churches in Baton Rouge talked with one another; and they decided that they should come together and pray to stop our city from being torn apart!

July 20th, 2016

Protests broke out after Alton Sterling was shot. Approximately 2 weeks later, Black Lives Matter came to Baton Rouge; and 5 officers were shot by sniper (3 were killed) on July 17, 2016.

The Story Unfolds

Prior to 2016, in the 6th hour of deliverence with a woman that had been convicted of murder, an ex-drug dealer, and had HIV... We encountered the spirit of prejudice. I commanded it to come out in the name of Jesus; and it told me, "No! She's mine!" The demon said, "I've been here since she was. a little girl, and she obeys me!"


That response shook my faith, but God spoke to me in that moment and said, "Command it to tell you what right it has to be there." So, I said, "I command you to tell me what right you have to be there in the name of Jesus Christ!" It said, "Everything she has been taught since she was a little girl." So, I started calling this lady's name so I could talk to her instead of the demon. Her eyes opened big and wide with what appeared to be fear and astonishment. And I told her that this demon had a legal right to her, and it is everything that she was taught since she was a little girl. When I said that, she let out the most blood-curdling scream I have ever heard, and she started coughing and gagging afterwards... and the spirit left! 

     From that moment on, God started speaking to me about when pastors, government officials, and even parents started speaking words of prejudice and the words of trauma from prejudice without expressing the imperative need for forgiveness. He told me that both forms of speach will open a door for a demon to gain access to a person: the demon of prejudice! He told us, "In your fight against injustice, you yourself will become unjust if you show favoritism or hold unforgiveness in your heart. You will become the very thing you were trying to fight against. Because God has commanded us to Love according to 1 Corinthians 13, Love keeps no redord of wrongs. The bait of satan is offense. In 2016, a man by the name Alton Sterling was shot and killed by a police officer on July 5th. 

   In the process of this, Russel  began to talk to me about the name of  this revival being "One Blood"; and it  should be held in Memorial Stadium in Baton Rouge, LA. This was where the  Civil Rights Movement  startedin 1953. MLK actually came back to LA to learn how to do a civil rights  movement from T.J. Jemison. This is the original flyer that Russel  Howard put together from the insight he received from the Lord:

Not long after that, one of the guys in the Revelation House for men said that he was going to call Gordon McKernon up about putting up a billboard. When he said that, God flashed a billboard in front of my eyes:

This billboard went up on April 9th 2019 while I was in Azusa St. meeting with the First Nation people (GTN) for Azusa Fest! That is exactly 112 years after the first person was baptized in the Azusa St. Revival: to the exact day. It was also the same day that the Civil War ended.

The Great Earthquake at New Madrid, a 19th-century woodcut from Devens' Our First Century (1877)

Great Comet of 1811 as drawn by William Henry Smyth

Three days later on February 7th during praise and worship at the Hub Northshore, God told me to get up and go to the back. As soon as I made it out of the aisle, Scott Nary called my wife out of the crowd. He told her: "The Lord is telling me Exodus 3:5: 'Take off your shoes! For the ground on which you stand is Holy Ground!'" He said, "Does March 5th mean anything to you?" She said, "That's my birthday!" He said, "You're a worshipper aren't you?" She said, "Yes!" He said: "The Lord is transitioning you where you are going to change the atmosphere, and people are going to take off their shoes because they know that they are standing on Holy Ground!" All 20 people who knew her in that meeting knew that God just spoke–not a man!


Thirty minutes later, he spoke to me! And this is what he said:

Indeed the people of South Louisiana learned Righteousness on August 12th 2016. But, it wouldn't be long until they had forgotten their lesson...

If you notice, Scott Nary said that I have a heart for the least of these: that is the exact Word God used to rebuke me with 15 years before to get me to take women from off the streets into my own home for 13 years. I was in the middle of a debate with my wife as I was listing all of the good reasons why we shouldn't bring in the second girl into our home. My number one reason was that she was married to the leader of the Sons of Silence. One of the next things he says, is that he sees the Lord giving me buses! If you remember correctly, I was (three days prior) arguing with God about going to help the church with 20 and some odd buses. Three days afterwards on Saturday the 10th, I have a meeting set up with a man named Russel Howard that is supposed to be teaching on the prophetic value of the Lord's feasts! However, on February 9th, I found out that one of my partner churches (the River Church International), was having a "Big Buck, Big Truck Contest". When I saw the event on FaceBook, I said to myself: "I wonder if my buck is ready at the taxodermist?" So, I called them up to find out that it is ready; and, in my heart, I said: "I'm not going to make that meeting with Russel!" When I said that, the Lord yelled at me: "YOU BETTER MAKE THAT MEETING!" After I snapped back from the shock, I decided to make the meeting with Russel!"

As Russel began to talk in the meeting, I became perplexed because he seemed to be giving a testimony; and I thought I was there to hear a teaching on the Lord's Feasts. However, he said something that caught my undivided attention: he said that he was from New Mexico, but he was at his brother's house in Baton Rouge writing a book which got him caught in the Louisiana 2016 Flood. While sitting in a Lazy Boy in 2 feet of water (because the AC was under water), he began to complain to God. He said, "I'm your son, Lord! Why didn't you tell me about this?! I'm not even from here!" And the Lord replied: "I got right where I want you!" God said, "I have touched the Amite and the Comite Rivers with my little finger; but I'm going to touch the Mississippi River with my hand!" After Russel said that, I was all ears: because I knew what God told me on August 11th 2016 had not happened yet!

Russel said that he began to investigate what he was told. Through prayer and research, he came across a testimony of a Native American chief (named Tecumseh) and the Mississippi River. Tecumseh tried to form a Confederacy of Tribes to come against the U.S. Government that was trying to take their land. However, because of division within the First Nations, Tecumseh was forced to deliver the Word to his own people! Tecumseh prophesied to the Red Stick Tribe in Birmingham, Alabama: “So that you know I was sent by God, this is what’s going to happen: my sign is going to appear in the sky. And when it does, I’m going to stomp my feet; and all your houses are going to fall to the ground! That’s going to be the sign that I was sent by God.” In 1811, a comet appeared in then sky for 260 days; and Tecumseh prophesied the 8.8, 7.7, and 8.1  New Madrid Earthquakes that reversed the flow of the Mississippi River!

    Russel Howard said that he came across a Native American Ministry named “Gathering of Tribal Nations”. And they had gone through some repentance and revival. And they would be at Azusa St. that year–2018! He felt that they had a key to heal the racial divide in Louisiana, and we should go and see them! It seemed to me that their name matched the mantel of Tecumseh, and I felt the Holy Spirit witnessing on what he was saying. So, I agreed to pray about making the trip! Before I left, Russel’s son said to me: “Hey, you know Arizona’s abbreviation for the state is ‘AZ’ right? He then said, “If you put ‘AZ’ in front of ‘USA’, what does it spell?” AZUSA!!!

    After committing to pray about the trip to Azusa and joining forces with Life Tabernacle, I became convinced that God was calling us to go serve Life Tabernacle. So, I decided to shut my services down to build the Kingdom of God, ane go to Azusa to meet with GTN! The day that I decided to tell our church, the service was 5 and a half hours long!

     As I was walking out the door, a man called me; and he was hysterically telling me how much money he was supposed to give me! He told me that he felt like he had stolen money; and he was supposed to give me, "___thousand dollars!" Because he was so hysterical, I thought he said "$4,000". But he corrected me with great zeal: "NO, MAN! NO! $12,000! $12,000!"


     This man had never been to my services before, and he made me commit to never reveal who gave me the money! This was a major confirmation that we were correct in what we had just committed to do. We would also begin to learn the significance of the number "12" in God's Providence.


     So, we shut our church down; and we brought our whole fellowship to help Pastor Tony build the Kingdom of God. God was showing us that this type of Kingdom-understanding is what's necessary to take the land back! And we started to make plans with GTN to go to Azusa St!

August 13th, 2016 was the anniversary of the Moravian, 100-year, 24/7; prayer movement... Could God be speaking?

This is an actual screenshot so you can see the timestamp. When I heard the sign went up on April 9th, someone told me that that was the day that the first person was baptized in the Holy Spirit in the Azusa St. Revival. So, I had somebody go take a picture of it the next day. William Seymour had called a 10 day fast. On the 10th day, William Seymour was approached by a gentleman in their fellowship about a dream he had where the 12 Apostles approached him. He said that they told him how to speak in tongues, and he asked Seymour that he would pray that he would receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Upon praying for him, he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire, and the Azusa St. Revival was birthed! Three days later, Seymour received the baptism of the Holy Spirit himself on April 12th, 1906. April 12th is also the day that they did the official stacking of arms and the parade to celebrate the end of the Civil War!

That night I received a prophetic dream from God of indigenous people dancing around a fire in Tribal regalia. Some of the sparks were hitting my left side while some flew past me. I perceived that the fire meant revival fire. I looked in front of me, and there was a wooded area. I was standing on a gravel road that seemed to divide the woods into two areas. I perceived that I could not go into this area for some reason, but I did not know why. When I woke up, my wife said: "I have a word for you!" She said, "The Lord spoke this word to me all night, and He would not leave me alone about it!"


I said, "What is it?" She replied, "Capitulation!" I said, "Capitu-what???" She said, "I don't know what it means eiter! I'm looking it up right now." It literally took me 3 days to pronounce correctly.


Capitulation means:

"the action of surrendering or ceasing to resist an opponent or demand." 


The Lord began to explain to me what He was talking about. He said that the reason I gave you the dream about Revival Fire with the Native Americans and your wife the word 'Capitulation' is because you must capitulate to the Native Americans! When you surrender to My secret Wisdom in this way, it will cause the principalities that I'm calling you to deal with to surrender to you! This will enable you to go in and occupy the territories that I'm sending you to! 


This process is basically like Jesus' reinstatement of  Peter. Because the government of the earth took the Native Americans' kingdom/land and scattered them across the United States... you must capitulate to GTN, help them gather the Tribal Nations, and give them the Kingdom of God! Then  you will have removed the legal right that the principality of prejudice/antichrist has to the land. This will enable the Body of Christ to drive this spirit out and occupy the land!


After this revelation, I met with Tyda & Ron Harvey (of GTN) and Caleb Cooper (of New Hope Revival Church); and discussed what the Lord had told me! We were well received. The next day, we planned another meeting to discuss how they would meet with the One Blood Revival Committee in Louisiana!

More of the Story is to Come as we have time to add it!