Changing our city from the inside out!!! 

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What is a city worth?

Below you will find a list of ways we at VOM would like to help serve your ministry:



                         ***ALL FORMS OF DONATION ARE  WELCOMED AND ACCEPTED!***

- We at Voices of Mercy are currently asking for any and all donations to help us achieve the plans and purposes the Lord has put in our hearts. 


- We are currently in need of funds for a new women's house, vans, and busses for growing ministry efforts, and also funds to help complete the Zion City Dream Center. 


 - Any donations of food, clothing, toys, diapers, furniture, tools, vehicles, etc., that can aid and assist us and all other ministries in the Baton Rouge and  surrounding areas are also needed. 



For more information please contact: 

Rachel Wilson, Donations Supervisor



               Baton Rouge, LA

This is the billboard we have recently put up on I-10 in Baton Rouge.  We are believing that God will send us an army of true believers to furthur the Kingdom and heal our city! 

Healing a City -Starting with ours!!!

  1. We will empower students to become public school system missionaries
  2. We will train churches or individuals to be urban missionaries through Sidewalk Saturday school!
  3. We will empower churches and individuals by training them in Power Evangelism!
  4. We will train churches and individuals on how to start and run residential discipleship houses for people struggling with substance abuse and other destructive behaviors
  5. We will train churches and individuals on how to become missionaries to abortion clinics and we are in the process of providing a house for those that change their mind about having an abortion and do not have a place to live


How can YOU help?
1.  You can commit to pray and fast for the repentance of the people who are called by God’s name!
(We are currently having prayer meetings at Life Tabernacle Church of Baton Rouge every weekday from 7:30 - 10:30 am)
2. Pastors and worship teams can commit to 2 hours of worship and prayer in schools on Friday 2:30pm to 4:30pm at North Banks Middle School.
3. You can help or connect people that would like to volunteer in labor,  administration, ministry, or funding with many of these areas.
4. You can set a meeting up with your pastor so we can share what God is doing so they can partner with healing of our city!
5. If you have a CDL drivers license, there is a great need to bus children and adults to church on Sundays.
6. If you are a Christian business owners, and you are willing to train, disciple, and work people who are willing to surrender to Christ, there is a great need for that!
7. And last but not least, you can help with the One Blood Revival to be held in early Nov!!!
This is UNITY under the banner of JESUS CHRIST!
This is EVERY NATION, EVERY TRIBE, EVERY TONGUE.... One Blood... gathered for one purpose to lift up the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, all together in one place with one vision  - to see Him glorified and His power heal our city!

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